'NFTY30' Documentary Concludes as a Global First in NFT Exploration

MetaNews July, 12th: After two years of pre-production and three months of intense filming, the highly anticipated Hollywood documentary NFTY30, the world’s first film dedicated to NFTs and Web3, has successfully concluded production in New York. 

Jesse Weiner, a partner at Yingke Law Firm in New York and the collaborating lawyer for the film NFTY30, hosted the ceremony in both Chinese and English.

The wrap ceremony took place aboard the Cornucopia Destiny Cruise, with Jesse Weiner, head counsel for NFTY30, serving as host to 50 guests from various sectors of the film industry. Notable attendees included Professor Fan Wudong, the visionary founder of Hollywood Capital Group and Chairman of Hollywood 3.0 Film Inc., and Serena Zhao of NFTY30 and Hollywood Capital Group. Also accompanying them were acclaimed documentarian and director, Hayden McComas, and Steve Sacks, a pioneer in the field of NFT art galleries. 

Speaking on behalf of Hollywood Capital Group, Serena Zhao gave a window into the film’s production journey and its distribution strategy going forward. NFTY30 began as a collaboration by Hollywood Capital Group and its subsidiaries NFTY30 LLC, Hollywood 3.0 Film Inc, Meta News, and Warrior NFT Center Inc. In addition to also shared that the company is currently in talks with Harvard Business School, aiming to organize a premiere event at the esteemed university. 

Serena Zhao delivered a speech on behalf of Hollywood Capital Group. 

NFTY30 is set to make its presence felt at the top ten international film festivals of 2024, including prestigious events such as the Academy Awards, Sundance Film Festival, Cannes Festival, British Academy Film Awards, and the Berlin International Film Festival, Busan International Film Festival, Tokyo International Film Festival, Hong Kong International Film Festival, Venice International Film Festival, and Toronto International Film Festival. 

NFTY30 seeks to answer the profound question of the Web3 era: “How will the emergence of disruptive Web3 technologies such as NFTs, Augmented Reality, Virtual Reality and artificial intelligence reshape art, culture, spirituality and thus the human experience as we know it?”

NFTY30 Documentary Trailer.

NFTY30 features exclusive interviews with over 30 leading figures in the NFT industry. Among them is NFT artist Beeple, whose NFT artwork “Everyday: The First 5000 Days sold at a Christie's Auction for a record-breaking $69.3 million in 2021. Also interviewed is 13 year-old Nyla Hayes, an NFT prodigy who has already generated over $7 million in NFT art sales and made the cover of Time Magazine. Additionally, the film also captures the experiences of Dr. Sian Proctor, a female astronaut, and Mike Mongo, a retired astronaut, as they channel their cosmic inspiration into creating NFT works of art.

Barry Alexander Brown, the executive producer, sent a congratulatory video message from France.

Making NFTY30 possible were the elite group of industry veterans on its production team, starting with executive producer Barry Alexander Brown, whom Cannes Film Festival recently honored with a lifetime achievement award. Sitting in the director's chair was veteran documentarian Hayden McComas, who helmed the interviews and gave NFTY30 its visual flair. Rounding out the team was vertiable Web3 pioneer Keatly Haldeman, former CEO of RipTide Music and cousin of Elon Musk, who provided the music to NFTY30 through his new Web3 licensing company Dequency.

NFTY30's ceremony was attended by luminaries and professionals from all quarters of the entertainment industry.

Web3 and NFTs are widely-known but widely-misunderstood terms, making NFTY30 of great importance as the first documentary to assemble 30 of the greatest Web3 and NFT pioneers and letting them speak for themselves. Visually and exegetically, NFTY30 shows how the past and present of Web3 technologies such as NFTs have led it to be the future platform for not only film production but the creative industry itself. History will likely recall NFTY30 as a prophetic documentary, a sign-post pointing to a future paradigm of entertainment and culture that is powered by Web3.

This article was published by Meta News.

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